Zeiss Conquest DL

Outstanding image quality

The Conquest DL offers optimum image quality and target resolution. This is due to the modern, multi-layer coatings, which ensure a high level of light transmission. Further evidence of the well thought-out, stable system is demonstrated by the wide angle field of view and the secure eyepiece.

Minimum target coverage
Conquest DL riflescopes are available with the non-illuminated reticle 6 and the illuminated reticle 60 for daylight use. Both reticles offer minimum target coverage - and the illuminated reticle 60 also has outstanding visibility, thanks to a fine, bright illuminated dot in the 2nd image plane. This means you can rely on a consistently fine reticle across the entire magnification range and can change the magnification at any point.

Precise repeat accuracy
Precision in every hunting situation - this is provided by an extremely robust construction and the usual reliable mechanism. Whether you are on the driven hunt, stalking or stand hunting, by day or in twilight - it is in intensive conditions that you benefit most from the individual strengths of the Conquest DL. This riflescope was tested in Zeiss's laboratories under extreme conditions, which are seldom encountered in real life. The result: secure function even in conditions ranging from -13 to 122*F.

New ASV for Conquest DL models
Operation is now even faster and more precise with the new ASV bullet drop compensator. Thanks to the linear scale of 1cm per click to 100m, the measured shooting distance can be set with centimeter precision and allows for precise aiming to provide maximum operating range during hunting. The new ASV is available as an option on the 2-8x42mm and 3-12x50mm models.

Innovative lens coating
Enjoy the easy cleaning and clear vision in any weather. The LotuTec coating ensures that water runs straight off the lens and dirt can be easily removed without a trace.

Made in Germany
The Conquest DL offers uncompromising "Made in Germany" quality and is the perfect combination of versatility and reliability. With Zeiss's optics and technology they always comply with the very highest requirements and constantly set new standards.

Improved ergonomics
The Conquest DL was designed for greater comfort. Its outstanding ergonomic shape makes it really easy to operate - even when you are wearing gloves. Two non-slip, rubberized touch buttons - Plus and Minus - are used to adjust the brightness securely and continuously.

Modern design and compact construction
Not only is the modern design very attractive with its black, anodized surface, but the deep black, rubberized operating elements also give you total control over all the functions. The body of the riflescope is made of solid aluminum and is therefore particularly lightweight and stable.

Simple ring mounting
The 30mm ring mounting system enables the Conquest DL riflescopes to be mounted on all rifles in common use. The 30mm ring mounting system simply offers a wider range of options. It is therefore suitable for virtually all rifles in common use and every type of mounting element.