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Carl Zeiss Conquest Compact Binoculars
Power in the smallest possible space.
Their light weight makes the Zeiss Conquest Compact models ideal binoculars for the whole family. Whether you wish to observe nature while on holiday with your children or take your binoculars with you to concerts or on excursions, the Zeiss Conquest Compact will always be the right choice. The Zeiss Conquest Compact is not just the ideal companion for adults: it is also an excellent size for children. These binoculars are easy to use and not tiring to carry due to their lightweight design. In terms of image quality, these binoculars are just as impressive as the large Zeiss Conquest models, offering strong contrast and a wealth of detail.

Compact and lightweight
The Zeiss Conquest Compact binoculars are genuine featherweights. Weighing no more than 7 oz. they are the lightest binoculars in the premium class. Their intelligent Z-fold design means that the Zeiss Conquest Compact will fit easily in your shirt or jacket pocket, or in a child's backpack. This also makes them ideal as a secondary pair of binoculars, always handy for a quick spot or birdwatching, or as the main pair of binoculars for young naturalists, who can take advantage of their lightweight design to discover the exciting details of the natural world.

Robust and splash proof
These binoculars are weatherproof and splash-resistant. The extremely robust housing protects the delicate optics from any knocks or blows, making them even more suitable for use by children. The rubber armour also provides a pleasing, non-slip grip.

Simple to operate
Both the focusing wheel and the diopter adjustment can be operated with just one hand. Little hands will be able to manage these binoculars with ease as they are designed with an extremely small radium. Even people who wear glasses can enjoy full vision thanks to the specially designed eyepieces with their adjustable eyecups.

Low light capability thanks to Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating
You will really notice the difference on dark autumn days or when watching owls in the spring. The unique Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, ensures that plenty of light comes through the lenses in all Carl Zeiss binoculars. This enables you to watch birds with unrivaled clarity and brightness in twilight, dark weather conditions and even in the interplay of light and shade found in woodland.

The Stiftung Warentest tested the Zeiss Conquest Compact 10x25 T*. It was found to be "very good".