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Kowa TSN 600 Series Spotting Scopes

Advanced Design
This body, designed to be user-friendly, is light and compact despite its large objective lens and metal construction. Logically tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding user, every technical and ergonomic detail has been painstakingly examined and perfected. Users of these advanced spotting scopes will know that they possess an instrument of extremely high quality.

Multicoat processing applied to all lens surfaces
All lenses, prisms and dustproof glass are fully multicoated, ensuring sharp images and a clear visual range.

Completely Waterproof Structure filled with Dry Nitrogen Gas
The housing is waterproof to JIS* Protection Class 7** and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging. (Not intended for underwater use.)

TSN-600 Series
These 60mm class spotting scopes boast an unprecedented light weight. Since carrying and handling is so easy, anyone can enjoy viewing and observation.

XD Lenses
Kowa's branded XD Lenses (eXtra-low Dispersion glass which has characteristics close to fluorite crystal), when combined with a concave lens possessing special dispersion properties, reduces a very high percentage of chromatic aberration (color blur). Their performance nearly matches Kowa's flagship models which utilize fluoride crystal lenses.

Eyepieces for TSN-600 Series
A lineup of 3 eyepieces is available for the TSN-600 Series. The wide and long eye relief type eyepieces have a waterproof construction (only when mounted to the scope).
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KOWA TE 25X/27X Long Eye Relief Eyepiece for 60-66mm/82mm Spotting Scopes
Regular Price: $265.00
Our Price: $225.00
Savings: $40.00

KOWA TE 30X Wide Angle Eyepiece for 66mm/60mm/82mm Spotting Scopes
Regular Price: $330.00
Our Price: $300.00
Savings: $30.00

KOWA TE 20-60X Eyepiece for 60mm/66mm/82mm Spotting Scopes and 89mm Telephoto Lens/Scope
Regular Price: $430.00
Our Price: $350.00
Savings: $80.00

KOWA TSN 60mm Angled Spotting Scope (Grey Rubber Armor) Body Only
Regular Price: $545.00
Our Price: $500.00
Savings: $45.00

KOWA TSN 60mm Straight Spotting Scope (Grey Rubber Armor) Body Only
Regular Price: $545.00
Our Price: $500.00
Savings: $45.00