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HARRIS 9 to 13 inch Leg Notch Rigid Bipod
HARRIS 9 to 13 inch Leg Notch Rigid Bipod

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An improved version of the original leg notch Bipod. The legs eject by spring action. Seven height settings from 9 to 13 inches. 11 ozs.
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Light
  • Fast
Harris Bipods are ultralight and lightning quick. The sling swivel attaches to the clamp. Time-proven design and quality manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys. Bipods have a black anodized finish.

Features and General Information
What they will fit

The bipods are quick detachable and clamp to the Q.D. stud of bolt action rifles of conventional stock design. They will fit some single shot rifles and pistols and others with proper adapters. Harris Bipods are not suitable for all firearms.

How good, Performance wise, are the Bipods?
If you can, ask a man who uses one. The positive attachment makes a steady hold easier by eliminating any shifting or movement between gun and rest, and the bipod is always there when you need it.
The sitting position often allows shooting over ground vegetation. The prone position, with practice, allows nearly complete accuracy potential from a rifle. Models BR, L, and LM in addition to being prone rests, work superbly well from a bench rest. The Bipods will not change the zero or effect accuracy or rifles due in part to light weight and the unlocked legs which pivot slightly with recoil. The pivoting legs prevent the fore-end from being forced up against the barrel. The base has leather pads on contact area to protect stock.

General Information
The Harris bipod is made to fit the fore-end of a conventional bolt-action stock. The Remington Mod. 700 would be an example. About the fore-end variations: First there must be enough wood to secure a Q.D. sling stud. The wood should have a thickness of at least one-half inch in the area of the stud attachment to keep the stud from pulling out. The Bipod will not properly fit a flat bottom fore-end. (Use #9 adapter) The attachment device clamps the base of the Bipod against the bottom contour or radius of the fore-end, thus keeping the Bipod properly aligned.
Some foreign studs are slightly greater in diameter than the American. The stud will not go through the base aperture of the Bipod. Remedy: Uncscrew the stud with a nail and grind or file two small flats fore and aft.
What to do about flush sling swivels? Put a Q.D. sling stud about one-half inch either in front or behind the existing flush stud. The Bipod attachment exerts considerable pull on the sling stud.
Slide action and lever action rifles are, general speaking, not suitable for the attachment of a Bipod.
The best rifle for a Bipod is an accurate rifle. Distance and accuracy is what a bipod rest is all about. If you are not satisfied with over-the-counter rifles start with a single shot bolt action and fit the best barrel you can afford. A light stock is preferred. It will either shoot or it won't, depending on the skill of the Smith and your ability as a reloader. An accurate gun will emphasize the effectiveness of a Harris Bipod.
The Series S compared to the Series 1A2: No difference in performance will be noted. There is absolutely no shake in the crotch area of either series.

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