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FLIR’s Scout handheld thermal imaging cameras give hikers, hunters, and outdoorsmen of all stripes the ability to see clearly in total darkness, providing a wealth of valuable information during any nighttime excursion. Scout, powered by the same advanced technology used by military and law enforcement, is the first personal thermal imaging camera affordable enough to give every outdoorsman the unsurpassed practical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision. Scout makes images from heat, not light, a feat impossible for the naked eye or even Image Intensified (I²) night vision devices, which means you can see clearly even without any visible light at all. People, animals, and objects all make their own heat and their own contrast, and are clearly seen by the Scout in even the most adverse conditions. See people – keep track of the rest of your hiking, hunting, or camping party in the darkest nights, and even when they’re obscured by light foliage See animals – everything gives off heat, so animals can’t use their natural camouflage to hide from Scout. Discover, observe, or catalog those hard-to-spot animals you’ve always wanted or needed to see, day and night Track game – hunters can use Scout to track wounded animals by following their heat signatures directly, or by detecting the signs they leave behind Navigate – no more losing the trail at night or in bad visibility; with Scout, you’ll be able to navigate just as well at night as you can during the day Stay safe – Scout’s thermal night vision technology lets you see clearly through smoke, dust, and light fog so you can stay safe in the outdoors when conditions deteriorate See more, and see farther, than with other night vision technologies – because Scout sees clearly without any light whatsoever, it can see farther at night than other imaging technologies that need ambient light to work, and Scout can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find

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