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Swarovski ATX 95mm Spotting Scopes
Taking functionality to a new level. By users, for users. Inspired by the slogan "Constantly improving what is good," the Swarovski Optik R&D department has successfully set, in close collaboration with users, new standards for spotting scopes in terms of ease of use, optical performance, modular design and flexibility.

The new modular design offers previously unimagined flexibility and you are free to choose the perfect solution as the situation dictates. In collaboration with experts Swarovski has developed digiscoping adapters that open up a new realm of ways in which to observe and share the most beautiful moments. Perfectly designed down to the smallest detail, you will be equipped for any situation.

Field Flattener - Contrast right up to the edge. This type of image definition has never been achieved before in any other spotting scope, thanks to the field flattener lenses creating a virtually flat image. Even the finest structures are reproduced with razor-sharp clarity right up to the edge with no need for constant refocusing. The result: every detail is instantly captured, producing a perfect image without any distortions.

HD Optics - Maximum Contrast. A highly innovative optics design combined with fluoride-containing HD lenses minimize interfering color fringing. This enables maximum color fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast. The result: an even more lifelike, contrast-rich image.

Large field of view even for eyeglass wearers - Eye Relief Plus. Swarovision features a long eye relief and the removable twist-in eyecup is individually adjustable. The result: even eyeglass wearers can enjoy a large field of view, along with the inimitable edge sharpness. An optional eyecup has been specially developed for eyeglass wearers to further increase viewing comfort.

Optimized coatings - Maximum Color Fidelity. The enhanced lens and prism coatings (Swarodur & Swarotop) give noticeably better color reproduction combined with even greater transmission. Swaroclean coatings on the outer lens surface create a non-stick effect, making it easier to clean. The result: even more impressive observing experiences, even in low light.

A Complete View. Nothing escapes you. You have your eyes trained on a flock of dunlins, but you catch something at the edge of the picture. A rarity? Thanks to their wide field of view, the Swarovski ATX/STX spotting scopes provide you with a broader, more exciting platform for your viewing experience. In addition to their high zoom range, the new generation of spotting scopes offers a large field of view. This allows you to achieve optimum magnification and detail recognition and also makes it extremely easy for you to search for and find objects, especially if they are in motion.

Just One Hand. When every second counts. Imagine a plover running along the shore one minute and taking off into the sky the next. The Swarovski ATX/STX spotting scopes ensure that you are prepared for moments like this. This is because the new position of the zoom ring, directly behind the focusing ring, makes it easier to handle. It means that you can zoom and focus with one hand, while aiming the spotting scope direction with the other. This completely new ergonomic design offers a crucial benefit for digiscopers in particular, photographers can now use the camera quickly, easily and accurately with one hand, while the other concentrates on zoom and focus.

Easy to Transport. Not an ounce too heavy for top optical performance. Size and weight is the name of the game for all those who like to travel or spend long days in the field. The Swarovski ATX/STX series means that bulky spotting scopes that are difficult to pack and heavy to carry are a thing of the past. The modular design enables you to store the objective and eyepiece modules separately and the smaller dimensions also mean that you can easily and safely store individual modules in your luggage.

Swarovski ATX 30-70x95mm
The Perfect Frontiersman. For the birdwatchers: There's never been anything like it: a spotting scope with such outstanding detail resolution and up to 70x magnification. This even pushes optical tests to their limits. Despite the 95mm objective lens, this is a slim spotting scope weighing in at just 75 oz. In a nutshell, it ticks all the boxes for any birder wanting to discover an albatross gliding past an oceanic headland or photograph a hummingbird in the nest.

The Genius Long-Range Shooter. For the hunters: There's never been anything like it: a telescope with such outstanding detail resolution with up to 70x magnification. This even pushes optical tests to their limits. Despite the 95mm objective lens, this is a slim telescope weighing in at just 76 oz. In a nutshell, it is the perfect visual aid for target acquisition in long-range shooting.
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SWAROVSKI 95mm Modular HD Objective
Regular Price: $2,288.00
Our Price: $2,059.00
Savings: $229.00

SWAROVSKI ATX Modular Angled Eyepiece 25-60X or 30-70X (varies on Modular Objective size)
Regular Price: $2,632.00
Our Price: $2,369.00
Savings: $263.00

SWAROVSKI 95mm Modular HD Objective with Swarovski ATX 30-70X Modular Angled Eyepiece
Regular Price: $4,775.00
Our Price: $4,598.00
Sale Price: $4,428.00
Savings: $347.00

SWAROVSKI 95mm Modular HD Objective & Swarovski ATX 30-70X Modular Angled Eyepiece Works Package
Regular Price: $5,750.00
Our Price: $5,432.00
Sale Price: $5,129.00
Savings: $621.00

SWA49995-49901WP (Includes Swarovski 95mm Modular HD Objective and Swarovski ATX 30-70X Modular Angled Eyepiece, Manfrotto Deluxe Carbon Fiber MT190CXPro4 Tripod with 700RC2 Head, Deluxe Swarovski Lens Cleaning Kit, Manfrotto Tripod Carrying Case and Rugged Spotting Scope hard Case)