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Trijicon TriPower Rifle Scopes
The Trijicon TriPower provides a perfect solution for those requiring fast action, both-eyes-open aiming precision and speed in a diverse array of lighting conditions -- ranging from dim to completely dark -- even when those conditions might change in the same round of fire. This super dependable reflex-style sight features an exclusive red chevron-shaped reticle illuminated by three lighting sources --

1. Integrated Fiber Optic System.
2. Tritium-Illuminated reticle.
3. On-Call Battery Backup.

The TriPower has been designed with the following features to help ensure quality, ease and use of versatility --
  • 30mm tube for easy mounting.
  • Completely sealed unit is waterproof to a depth of 100 ft.
  • Increased brightness and reduced parallax compared to other red-dot style systems.
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TRIJICON Tripower 30mm Reflex w/Red Chevron
TRIJICON Tripower 30mm Reflex w/Red Chevron
Our Price: $697.00

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