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Ready to hunt like a pro? Look no further than the ThOR LTV thermal riflescope
from ATN. Packed with features and super affordable, the ThOR LTV is one of the
lightest and easiest-to-use thermal scopes on the market. Incorporating video
recording capability, the ThOR LTV features the latest in advanced 12-micron thermal
sensors, a 60 Hz refresh rate, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and user-friendly

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ATN ThOR LTV 160 3-9X Thermal Scope ATN ThOR LTV 160 5-15X Thermal Scope ATN ThOR LTV 320 3-9X Thermal Scope
ATNLTV16039 ATNLTV160515 ATNLTV32039
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12X Thermal Scope ATN ThOR LTV 320 5-15X Thermal Scope ATN ThOR LTV 640 2-6X Thermal Scope
ATNLTV320412 ATNLTV320515 ATNLTV64026
ATN ThOR LTV 640 3-9X Thermal Scope ATN THOR LTV 640 4-12X Thermal Scope
ATNLTV64039 ATNLTV640412